The Bead Crochet Book

Taschenbuch, Englisch


Beads and crochet — a happy marriage! The 23 beautiful and proven projects by artists from around the world range from simple to sophisticated. They are mainly in single crochet technique but you’ll also find chain stitch and slip stitch. Intricate patterns and the making of crocheted spheres and olives will challenge you. You should have a bit of experience in crocheting already. In the appendix you will find tips, information on techniques, supplies and equipment to help you get started.

Projects by Judith Bertoglio-Griffin, Thorsten Grotke-Wegner, Olga Haserodt, Barbara Hoffmann, Irmgard Hoffmann, Anna Huber, Brigitte Iländer, Birte Jannsen, Alexandra Klinnikova, Dominique Moreau, Dóra Petró, Sabine Reisenauer, Irina Rossina, Michaela Ruppnig, Dorothea Sattinger, Eveline Thudt, Ewa Tkocz-Frydrych, Angelika Vaha-Papp, Jolanda Violante, Marlies Vogel, Claudia Voß, Kirsten Wendt and Natacha Wolters.


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Taschenbuch: 116 pages
Sprache: Englisch
ISBN: 978-3-943674-19-4
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