An artist in every sense, Inna’s jewelry has found its way to the far flung corners of the earth.

Inna Soummer

Art Trumped Engineering

Inna was born in Ukraine, raised in Siberia, and finally moved to Canada. She has created art in some form for as long as she remembers. Some of her past artistic ventures include painting, knitting, nail design, cross stitching, beading, bead embroidery and even furniture renovation and upholstery. Inna learned crochet and knitting from her mother when she was seven, and painting wood burning and metal stamping from her father throughout her youth. Although she received an education in engineering, her love of art drew her back to her passion and drove her to become a jewelry designer.

She began creating jewelry when she was looking for jewelry to wear for a special occasion and after spending some time on the internet and in jewelry stores not being able to find what she needed. She decided to make her own — a set of necklace and earrings. After that she never stopped; she made jewelry for herself, family and friends. She started with beaded gem stones, moved on to wire wrapped jewelry and slowly transitioned to bead embroidery where she discovered the magic of the seed beads. She realized that there are seed beads in almost any color and shade so it’s possible to create unique items. 

Around 2011, her best friend taught her bead crochet. Remembering her first, stemmed from curiosity and passion, turned into a beautiful necklace which only after a couple of wears had admirers inquiring as to where they could obtain one of their own. Seeing the demand for her creation, she was inspired to design and produce custom jewelry for friends, family, and customers ranging from a network of acquaintances to those who stopped her on the street.  

The reception of her product drove her to open an Etsy shop where she currently sells one-off pieces as well as custom design patterns for those seeking to create their own. The jewelry found in the Inulitka Etsy shop, created and designed with the same meticulousness and pride that she applies to all aspects of life, is worn with pride by women in 20 countries around the world. These uniquely designed necklaces, bracelets, and earrings are made of quality beads, gems, precious metals, and natural stones hand-picked by her. All jewelry sold at Inulitka is subject to customization by request as she fundamentally believes that jewelry should be a unique representation of those who wear it and should embody their creative expression. Today, she is a successful software engineer, jewelry designer and mother of two. She works on her jewelry at any given opportunity and proves to be devoted to the art of bead crochet, her labor of love.

Photo: Liliana Khaliapin

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